Sunday, April 10, 2005

State Government: The Lesser of 2 Assholes

Many (including myself) have condemned Kansas AG Phill Kline for requesting unedited patient records from 2 abortion clinics, in his crusade to limit a women's right to choose. The clinics involved weren't even permitted to notify patients their records were being requested, nor were they able to respond to press inquiries due to a court gag order. Kline, however, felt the gag order didn't apply to him as he traveled across the state giving press conferences.

However, on another issue, Kline has said that Kansas' new amendment banning same-sex marriage would NOT prevent same-sex benefits offered by any state or local government. This is in direct opposition to MI's AG Mike Cox (aptly named) who gleefully announced that government entities were no longer permitted to offer same-sex benefits in contract negotiations, due to MI's similar amendment.

Now I ask you, who is the lesser of 2 assholes?


Pepper said...

If there's one thing anatomy has taught me, it's that big or small, an asshole is still an asshole.

Garrett said...

given my pitiful qbank performances, I believe I probably didn't even learn that.