Sunday, April 17, 2005

Politics: John McCain, portrait of right-wing sanity

McCain's comments to Chris Matthews on Hardball Thursday night:

Look, we won't always be in the majority, I say to my conservative friends, someday there will be a liberal Democrat president and a liberal Democrat Congress. Why? Because history shows it goes back and forth. I don't know if it's a hundred years from now, but it will happen. And do we want a bunch of liberal judges approved by the Senate of the United States with 51 votes if the Democrats are in the majority?
The rest of the article is interesting, because it's basically full of folks from the Frist camp taking headshots at McCain. 2008 Electioneering much?


Steve said...
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Steve said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again - I really like John McCain. So much so, that if he does run for President and has to run against Dr. Evil or Religious-Right-Nut-Designate in the Republican Primary, I might actually volunteer for his campaign. That's right - Steve Warnick helping a Republican. Now I said help with his *primary* campaign - I still don't think that I would vote for McCain versues a democrat in an election (with some exceptions), but I will support an honest politican, especially if he is running against nutcases. It makes me angry when Frist and other Republicans attack McCain for standing up for his beliefs (even when they go against big business and the religious right), much as it pained me when the Dems publically attacked Dean during his presidential campaign.

Pepper said...

Steve, you won't be alone. I freakin' voted for McCain in the Republican primary in 2000. Of course, it was because Gore had sown up the Democratic nom, the Michigan primaries are open, and Bush scared (well, still scares) the hell out of me. This is why McCain won MI and also why Engler isn't VP right now.

I'd work my ass off to get him nominated in 2008.

Then I'll vote Dem in the general. :)

Anonymous said...

Just like I did in 2000, if McCain runs for President in 2008, I'll support him. He's one the few politicians (of any political party) who actually seems to have their head on straight. And he's a member of the almost non-existant club of politicians that I can actually bring myself to respect. As must as I'd like to see a Democrat as the next president (to me, democracy's best aspect is that it allows so little to actually happen), if McCain gets the Republican nod instead of another spoiled brat, I might have to get a t-shirt. In either case, I just really hope that this last election got people to snap out of their "support the party" mentality, and in 2008 they will actually look at the person running, as opposed to the (D) or (R) beside their name.

And, as always, I'll get my coverage from Jon Stewart.


Geoff said...

I just wonder how much better off our country would be right now if McCain had won the Republican primary back in 2000. Then we'd either have him or Gore in office. I'm not saying Gore is anything special, but he sure the heck is better than "W"...

oh well, only 3 more years of potential "dubya destruction" before we have another glimmer of hope