Friday, April 1, 2005

Medicine: Truth in Advertising

There's been a lot of talk lately about conscience clauses for doctors/pharmacists that refuse to prescribe birth control for patients. Personally I feel it's a doctors duty to offer all treatment options to a patient and if they cannot, then they should refer their patient to a physician who will. My problem is when doctors don't tell patients that they will not offer them abortion referrals or birth control until it's too late. This is similar to pregnancy support centers who's whole mission is to scare women out of abortion as an option. I realize restaurants have similar problems, having to notify patrons about smoking or non-smoking sections, and which credit cards they accept. That's when I hit upon the solution: Graphic Art. Doctors who refuse to offer or refer for abortion, birth control, or mifepristone can put these universal symbols on their cards letting people know ahead of time. I'm hoping this is the beginning of truth in advertising in medicine.

Maybe you can come up with your own. I'm working on a "I believe that vegetables want to live, even when their legal/religious guardians--who spent years with them and should know their wishes--say they would want to die after fifteen years on life-support" one.