Friday, April 1, 2005

Politics: Romney to veto stem cell bill

Gov. Mitt Romney said Friday he knows he can't stop a bill that would give scientists more freedom to conduct embryonic stem cell research, but he promised to "vote my conscience" and veto it anyway.

The bill passed the state House on a 117-37 vote Thursday night, a day after the Senate approved it 35-2 — margins that would easily override any veto.

"I'll vote my conscience, but this is one that the story is complete," Romney said Friday.
I'm sure Harvard's new stem cell center is pleased that Romney's anti-science douchery is nothing more than early signs of a presidential run.

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Pepper said...

Just what the country doesn't need as President:

One of them Massachusetts conservatives.

Although I guess that would be better than a doctor who thinks AIDS is transmissible by tears or that you can diagnose complex neurological conditions by videotape.