Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Pseudoscience & Fads: Got Oxygen?

Studies show today's air contains only 25%-50% of the oxygen that it used to. This is from a link off the local mall oxygen bar. I had no idea there was such a crisis. But seriously, where is this statement coming from? Oxygen levels in the Cretaceous? The bar provides patrons with 95% oxygen (eupho2ria). Not only that, but they sell oxygen drinks and (who knew we had the technology) a shower head that actually mixes air into your water (order now, only 1 left).

They also sell "NEXCITE Aphrodisiac Drink"
Nexcite is a non-alcoholic berry-like flavored aphrodisiac drink that drives women wild. FoxNews.com calls it “the king of kinky drinkies…”
Nexcite was also formerly called Niagara, but the little blue drink had to change it's name after it was sued by Pfizer for trademark infringement.

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