Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Politics: The DeLay Scandal and Councilman Cole

Drop the Hammer, a website encouraging corporations to stop giving money to Tom DeLay's defense fund, obviously is not too popular with some of Congressman DeLay's supporters. One such man, Councilman Kevin Cole of Pearland, TX, shared his thoughts with Drop the Hammer. Here is Mr. Cole's letter to Mr. DeLay's critics:

Hey ass hole [sic]. Tom Delay happens to be my congresman [sic] and I am happy with the job he does for me and my district. Why don't you get the F@&* out of our district and leave us alone. Better yet, come speak to me personally and I will show you what I think of you.

Kevin Cole
Pealrand [sic], TX
[Cell Phone # Redacted]

Since I found Mr. Cole's logic about other people having no right to criticize Congressman DeLay a little flawed, I decided to write to Councilman Cole (his e-mail address is I even BCCed Garret if you don't believe me. We'll see if Mr. Cole responds. Here's the e-mail:
Hello Mr. Cole! I am writing in response to a letter you wrote to I just wanted to inform you that your Congressman Tom Delay affects policy for us all, so I don't think we as Americans have to get the "f***" out of your district and leave Mr. DeLay alone. Your Congressman happens to be a very important and powerful person in Washington, and if he acts unethically, it affects us all, not just those in his district. For instance, his efforts to take the lead on the Terri Schiavo tragedy demonstrate that he has enormous power and influence, and therefore his actions extend far beyond Texas. His attack of our Judiciary is another example of the power he yields. Personally I wish he would just represent you and your district and step down from having such a prominent role in the Republican Party, so that his policies would have a more limited effect on the rest of the United States. I have nothing against you or the great state of Texas (which I recently visited for the first time and had a delightful experience), but I do have big problems with your Congressman, so if your district could work on electing somebody ethical and moral, that would be swell. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and have a great day!


Stephen J. Warnick Jr
2nd Year Medical Student, University of Michigan
I hope I wasn't inflammatory.

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beautiful, steve.