Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Medicine: Injectable Long Acting Naltrexone?

Drugs for alcohol addiction have always met significant compliance obstacles. An alcoholic has to choose every day to take a drug like Antabuse, which would make him sick if he drank, or naltrexone, which blocks opiod receptors, which generally isn't the happiest thing you can do to a person.

But now there's an injectable form of Naltrexone that last 30 days! Compliance issues, we hardly knew ye.

Now, instead of making 30 decisions to stop being an alcoholic per month, an alcohol addict need only make that decision once a month. And that sure seems like a good thing.


Matz said...

Now if only they could find a 30 day injectable form of alcohol to go with the injectable antabuse.

michael said...

i think someone already injected me with antUSMLE