Saturday, April 16, 2005

Politics: at least they didn't have sex with them, too

Just floating around the 'sphere this morning while I didn't study Neuroanatomy, I ran across two articles of animal abuse from two prominent conservatives:

Bill Frist adopted cats from the humane society during medical school so he could sharpen his surgical skills. Psychopathic much? And bonus kudos to Harvard's admissions office, for admitting a nut like that.

James Dobson, the guy that wrote the book on how to raise a child, beat the shit out of his dachsund with a belt because it wouldn't go to bed immediately.


michael said...

In fairness to Frist it was a cat.

Garrett said...

good point.

had it been a dog, i think he should be drug out behind the shed and whooped.

Josh said...

If I had advanced knowledge of someone beating a dachshund, I might have to take the law into my own hands.

Garrett said...

That's the spirit!