Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well, Barry-O IS articulate

And Joe Biden is a moron. At least when he opens his mouth. But of course, it's absolutely out of fashion to say that Barry-O is articulate because of the implication that he shouldn't be because he's black. Or that he's articulate considering he's a black dude (implying that if he were a white dude, his current level of articulateness wouldn't be remarkable). Or something like that.

Now, I say Barry-O is articulate not because he's a black dude, but because we've got a guy in the White House who couldn't form a complete sentence in front of a microphone without a teleprompter for the first three years of his presidency, and our last democratic presidential candidate couldn't tell you his favorite color without using a semicolon.

So let's claim the word back, and let's call Barry-O what he is. Articulate. He's a damn good orator. Cicero style. Ghandi style. Kennedy style. Lincoln style. AND MLK style. Hell, maybe even Jim Webb style. But absolutely NOT Joe Biden style.

So Barack isn't articulate because he's a black dude that talks good. He's articulate because he was the damn editor of Harvard Law Review, and he's articulate because he wrote a book ten years ago that actually had something to say. And he's articulate because you can listen to a speech of his and, even though he doesn't say any more or any less than anybody else does, you get that special feeling, that feeling you haven't had since fifth grade history class when the frigging War of 1812 made you proud of your country.

It's nice to feel good about your country, even if the guy is laying on the same bullshit that other politicians try to use less effectively. Barry Obama can make you feel good about your country, and I'm pretty sure he'd be able to do that even if he were a purple transsexual instead of a black dude.

I'm not saying his rhetorical excellence would make him a good president. But Dreams from my Father at least shows that this is a guy with a lot of smart things to say. He's openly thoughtful in his writing, and that's not something we can say all that often about politicians writing books.

But we're not talking about what he has to say right now. We're talking about how he's damn good at saying them. He could tell you how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and it might make you cry.

Now, if he just stopped smoking...

UPDATE: Political Wire compiles the media reactions:

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UPDATE2: Biden explains himself on the Daily Show, doesn't refer to Jon Stewart as a 'clean Hebrew-American.'

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