Sunday, January 14, 2007

TV: One Nation, Under 24

Maybe my reaction to hyperanalysis has changed from guilty savoring to mere tolerance, but Troy Patterson's look into the 24 phenonemon sorta makes me wish Bauer would just suffocate him to shut him up. Which isn't to say it's not a recommended read.

A Greek Orthodox friend in undergrad used to complain about how people who weren't a part of religion, while capable of intellectual analysis, missed something special in their objective writings about it. The same must hold for the Church of Bauer.


michael said...

The best part of the season premiere was when the suicide bomber tries to blow up and Jack kicks him out of the train so he dies for nothing. Worst part is when Jack showed his back and there was no new scar from the torture just minutes before. By the way people who have tivo or dvr and are whining about spoilers can kiss my ass.

Garrett said...

I guess I'll have to kiss your ass firmly then, b/c I've got 8 episodes left of season five before i can start watching season 6 on my DVR, which was a birthday present purchased EXPLICITY for the purpose of making sure we didn't miss any 24 :0)

fortunately, I sorta like spoilers. They keep my blood pressure regulated.