Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Film: Most boring Oscars ever?

I can't evaluate the past zillion years of Oscars nominations, but can anybody actually get excited about any of this? The interesting story lines center around omissions rather than inclusions: 1) does Scorcese FINALLY not get snubbed, 2) no Borat?, 3) another Clint Eastwood movie over the most heralded 'black' movie in recent memory? 4) The controversy was whether Brad Pitt received a best actor or best supporting actor role in Babel, and he receives... neither. Cleared that up, you hack!

Seriously, this year's field sucks. The fact that there will be people who are legitimately surprised that Sasha Baron-Cohen received no nomination sums up the whole year.

UPDATE: Dana Stevens' State of the Oscar is a worthy read.

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michael said...

i don't understand why people watch award shows to begin with. yeah, like i'm really going to spend 3 hrs watching celebrities congratulate themselves.