Saturday, January 6, 2007

Save the . . . Models

An article in the NY Times covered the American response to recent deaths of models due to anorexia and the growing fear that these models are encouraging American women to pursue an aesthetic that is unhealthy and dangerous. American designers don't want to set BMI restrictions on their models (as a recent show in Madrid did for BMI's under 18) because (as we all know from Republicans) legislation and rules never solve anything.

“It is important as a fashion industry to show our interest and see what we can do because we are in a business of image,” said Diane von Furstenberg, the president of the designers’ council, the industry trade group. “But I feel like we should promote health as a part of beauty rather than setting rules.”
I guess they're looking more for a free market solution. And granted, I know 99% of people hear about this and think, 'boohoo, the rich, famous super models are too skinny'; but I guess it's kind of like AIDS in sex workers (the key point being, just because someone does something you wouldn't doesn't mean we shouldn't care about them) and the bigger picture is the effect on women's perceptions of health and beauty. Maybe we should just declare them a vulnerable population, like old people or children.

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Garrett said...

I will support any legislation that makes my wife stop watching America's Top Model. Although I'm sorta glad I watched the episode where they told the hot-as-hell size-6 she was too fat and not serious about being a model because she was such a cow.

The other option is that we organize a shop-at-Victoria's-Secret Online day to show our support for women above size-0.