Sunday, January 21, 2007

Politics: Richardson exploring

As much as I heart Barry O, Bill Richardson is amazingly overrated in political cuddliness. I feel like he's been on everyone's shortlist since he left the House. Foreign policy experience + we-can't-elect-congresspeople-alosis make B-Rich even more palatable.

Plus, honestly, the South ain't near as scared of Hispanics as they are blacks. And New Mexico isn't exactly a paleoliberal haven.

Besides, he doesn't even smoke!

PS: Do we know if Barack even smokes Marlboros? I mean, I'm pretty sure he mentioned at least one brand of cigarrettes in Dreams from my Father, but I'm not sure what it was. Of course, I'm sure those denizens of honesty and truth at FoxNews did their research, so perhaps I shouldn't even question the reliability of their quaint graphic.


michael said...

I've been seeing reports come up here and there about the things happening to Obama in the press. It's really disgusting how far the media will go. There have been "mistakes" in spelling to Osama, wrongful reports saying he was a possible Muslim extremist as a SIX YEAR OLD, injecting images of Obama in a local news story about sex offenders (search youtube for obama smear campaign).

michael said...

Also there is a CNN "report" that comments on Obama's less-than-fortunate middle name and compares his style of dress to the Iranian dude. It's good for CNN to show this type of "concern" for Obama. Disgusting.