Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Politics: Scwarzenegger can't decide which speech to give, throws scripts in blender, gives resulting mishmash of wtf'edness.

I am going to terminate welfare for poor people!

and then

I am going to give all our kids health insurance!


Schwarzenegger says he wants to cut welfare to give people incentive to find work. Huh. Right. That works. If people wanted to work, they'd work. Not giving them money won't make them work, it'll just make their kids starve.

So now, when kids are starving because their folks don't feed them, at least they'll be able to go to the doctor, who can tell the parents they better spend all that money they aren't making on feeding their kids. That's good planning.

I'll give Governator a little bit of credit for proposing health insurance for kids. That's good. And in Governator's little fantasy world, people who could work would start working, and people that couldn't, well, they'd still get welfare and their kids would still be covered. Shame that's a fantasy world.

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michael said...

The Governator's universal health insurance proposal is little more than thinly veiled corporate welfare for the insurance companies, taken from the pockets of employers, physicians, and hospitals. It's no surprise that insurance company spokesmen are generally in favor of Arnie's proposal, despite seeming limitations, such as the 15% cap and restrictions on denying coverage. In truth these are designed to hide the boon to insurance companies, who bought the governator with four million dollars in donations. The Governator recently vetoed California Senate Bill 840, which passed by a wide margin. So allow me to be a little skeptical when this puppet of the insurance companies is advocating insurance for all.