Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally, a real reason to move to Europe

Europe-wide smoking ban proposed!

Places usually only ban smoking in public places AFTER I live there. My podunk, asscrack-of-earth hometown has banned smoking at bars and restaurants, and people are ready to throw a fit because of a new proposal to ban smoking at the park (which is where people go to smoke because they can't smoke at the private hospital across the street). And Lexington, the cultural capital of the #2 tobacco state in the union, banned smoking in bars and restaurants right after I left my undergraduate career there.

I move to the most left-leaning, health conscious, crazy-ass hippy white-bred hybrid-SUV driving college town in the entire Midwest (sorry, Madison), and people can still smoke at restaurants and bars? Who did I piss off to deserve this crap? They can ban smoking smack dab in the middle of a zillion acres of tobacco fields, but folks haven't even put it on the ballot in Ann Arbor?

They're probably more likely to legalize smoking pot in bars than they are to get rid of smoking tobacco in bars. Damn hippies!

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