Thursday, August 5, 2004

Tigger Cleared Of Molestation

Maybe you haven't followed this case as close as I have, but here it goes. A 13-year old girl accused a Disney Tigger of touching her breast during a photo shoot. Now, this is a sad case, because I'm sure this girl has probably been through a lot of hell over this, and if she genuinely does feel violated, I feel very sorry for her, because that sucks. On the flip side, this dude had a Tigger costume on. And chances are, as the jury agreed, there's no way in hell you could feel a girl's breast with that costume on. It's just too restrictive, too ungainly. So it's really sad for all parties around. Now this poor guy probably can't even get a job back w/ Disney, and definitely not as a character, because in cases like this, suspicion virtually equals guilt. And this girl, if she weren't just being litigious, is freaked as hell cuz she thinks that Tigger felt her up. Damn.

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