Friday, August 13, 2004

Politics: GOP wants NJ Gov out NOW!!!

So McGreevey tells everybody he's a "gay American," has apparently been having an affair with some Israeli artist guy while his wife sits at home with their two-year-old wondering what happened, and so he resigns his post.

Here's the 'Pub spin I've seen so far: McGreevey was corrupt, so he's using his sexual orientation and affair (hardly something that would force a governor to resign by itself) as a way of getting out of office before other shit hits the fan.

McGreevey says he was being threatened with blackmail, and that the scandals that would likely arise from his extramarital activities would cripple his administration's ability to get anything done.

Plenty of people in his administration, apparently, have been linked with various scandalish type things. And the GOP is pissed because McGreevey's resignation is effective in November. If he resigned before Sept 15, a new election would happen. Obviously, the dude who is replacing him is a Democrat, and with a scandal by a democrat in office, a 'Pub could prolly win the election by pointing to 'corruption, corruption, corruption... and, um, gay sex'. The GOP is doing all it can to force McGreevey out before Sept 15, with a thinly legitimate claim that it's not fair to the people of NJ to have a lame quacking governor for three months.

But the GOP has two options: first, link McGreevey to a scandal other than being gay or unfaithful, which is his business, not theirs; or, second, shut up. You lost the election, and you can't force the dude out without some sort of legitimate impeachment. You can't recall him and replace him with Mel Gibson or something, simply because by the time you got the election together and spent a few 100 million bucks of taxpayer's money, it'd be November anyway. So shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Liberals have a million reasons already to think that the mass of the GOP is anti-gay. Don't confirm our fears with a witchhunt you can't win.

Update: Cipell is now alleging that McGreevey was pulling some serious sexual harassment on him.

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