Monday, August 30, 2004

Politics: every once in a while

even I have to criticize Dems for spinning.

I don't think it's a secret that the Today Show crew aren't exactly big fans of Republicans. Katie Couric kicks ass, and Matt Lauer has taken good notes. So when Bush gave Matt Lauer an exclusive interview today, Lauer went to town. He was hard on George. And I thought George came off as a prick. No surprise. Everytime Matt would say something about "why do you think the world hates our guts now? why did we burn up all that good will after 9/11?" the arrogant prig would respond "'cuz I had to make some hard decisions." Hard decisions? Whatever. Bad decisions. Arrogant decisions. Dangerous decisions. But not hard decisions.

But Bush did say one thing that I thought was smart and honest, and sure, it caught my ear, because it was something very different than he normally says. He admitted that the war on terror could not be won.

Now, he didn't mean we couldn't fight a good fight. He meant that all you can really do is minimize the ability of terrorists to operate. You can't knock terrorists down to zero. But you can minimize their threat, and that might be the equivalent of "winning the war."

But John Edwards, Joseph Biden and co. have TOTALLY JUMPED ON BUSH'S ASS for saying that the war on terror could not be won. Now, it probably wasn't a smart thing to say--but nobody expects Bush to say smart things. We know better. But the guy, for once, was being honest. And what, the Dems punish him for being honest? I mean, come on, guys. The guy never makes any sense, and the one time he says something that does, you pounce him for it? Shoot straight, kids!


Anonymous said...

politics is politics. you gotta say something to remain on the offensive, especially when you're facing poll results like this:


Garrett said...

With an opponent like W, there is no reason to manipulate things the guy says to make him look bad. Stick to the facts and legitimate complaints, and don't give Sean Hannity something else to have a show about.

Anonymous said...

sticking to the facts might work if you're not a complete tool like kerry. this guy can't even win a popularity contest with bush. i think that says a ton about his qualifications.


Scott said...

Bush has now changed his tune and says the war on terror CAN be won. What do you think of him now?

Garrett said...

I think he's an idiot, of course. I just thought he accidentally said something smart, and that's not the time to pounce him :)