Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ann Arbor: Freecycle

On All Things Considered the other day, a segment focused on Freecycling, which basically matches up people who have crap they don't want and people who want their crap, all for free. The NPR segment followed an Ann Arbor Freecycler (AA is listed on the website as one of the most active freecycling communites) who was giving up a diving suit she had back in her closet, and apparently freecycling helped her find some random woman whose son wanted to snorkel or something. But anyway, the Freecycling listings are fun to browse, and you might even be able to unload some crap (or get somebody to unload their crap on you). The website is for general freecycling, the Ann Arbor specific portion is linked on the front page.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you know, i thought, "man, this is a cool idea." but then i joined the yahoo group and all i see are a bunch of freeloaders asking for stuff.