Monday, August 23, 2004

Film: say it ain't so

I admit, I grew up a Star Wars nerd. Somewhere in my teenage years, I bailed out when I realized what exactly that meant, and how much money it might take to maintain the hobby.

But I was still thrilled when Lucas announced episodes 1-3. About time, my dad had been telling me about the 9-episode saga since the early 80's. But then they came out, and Lucas just isn't the storyteller we once thought he was.

So now, bluelemur has semi-credible evidence that episodes 7-9 might indeed be on their way. I don't understand how, given the complex universe that has been developed by the freaks who've written all those books that are just above fan fic--and I can say that, since I read a dozen of them or so. Hopefully George will let the sleeping dog lie.

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