Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Schiavo: the misleading tape

This piece from Reuters does a great job explaining how the movements Schiavo makes on the infamous tape do not imply any sort of cognitive activity.

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michael said...

i think the view that she is both unconscious and suffering is contradictory. if she is unconscious then she is obviously not suffering. if she is suffering then she must have some level of consciousness. does anyone really need to do a residency in neurology to understand that?

when people say she is unconscious and suffering, they are talking about several different possibilities. first possibility: they are confusing the suffering of family members with that of terry. second: they are talking of metaphysical hypotheticals (i.e. "she would not want to live this way") this is similar to having funerals and such - to pay respects and go through the motions without really affecting the person on an actually level, just a hypothetical, spiritual level. if it is in this spiritual level where our concern lies, then who are we to say this is any better than that of the christian fundamentalists?

lastly, if we care so much about this spiritual suffering, then why stop at stopping feeding? would you want to starve slowly or die with a quick injection of morphine?