Friday, March 18, 2005

Politics: Sully gets it right

Andrew Sullivan laments conservatism come undone:

So it is now the federal government's role to micro-manage baseball and to prevent a single Florida woman who is trapped in a living hell from dying with dignity. We're getting to the point when conservatism has become a political philosophy that believes that government - at the most distant level - has the right to intervene in almost anything to achieve the right solution. Today's conservatism is becoming yesterday's liberalism.


michael said...

what the hell does conservatism have to do with baseball? last time i checked it was a bunch of house liberals asking questions. is henry waxman a conservative? my god he's one of the most liberal people in washington.

Garrett said...

but who sets the agenda for the house? certainly not democrats. they're lucky they still get free coffee.e