Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Maybe I Should Have Gone Into Babysitting

So I'm sitting in my general pediatrics clinic, listening to my attending doctor go over the plan with a mother to take care of her daughter's contact dermatitis (medical translation - rash on her face from the new fabric softener). The cute little girl, who is about four years old with four adorable braids coming out of her head, comes up to me and asks me if I know patty cake, and I being the patty cake kind of guy reply yes, and proceed to play patty cake (or pat a cake -whatever you prefer to call it). I'm having fun, a lot of fun to tell you the truth, until my attending knocks me out of my happy space by saying, "So Steve - are you going to listen to the plan, or are we teaching you how to play with kids?".

I want to learn how to play with kids.

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Matz said...

Sorry dude, that sucks.