Monday, September 19, 2005

Go Cats: Bluegrass respect

Unlike the other douchebags at ESPN, Dick Vitale knows that putting the Cardinals at 6 and the Cats at 7 is what non-retarded sportswriters would do.


J Hearne said...

Dick Vitale talking about UK basketball always makes me skeptical... I'm not sure how to take this one.

Kevin Swikert said...

he has a better grasp of Kentucky's capabilities than the other writers over at espn. They never know how deal with Tubby Smith's teams as they hardly ever have the priemer star players that are the bread and butter of the sports world. They don't really know how to deal with sole team playing without superstars and frankly they don't like boring overachieving teams but rather crave the sparkle of the superstar.

Dick Vitale is refreshing, even with that annoying voice, in his enthusiasm for the team aspect of the game and the not-so-superstar college player.

Of course he is nothing compared to the god that is Billy Packer.

Garrett said...

kev, that's the most dry sarcasm i've heard in a long long time :)