Monday, September 26, 2005

Health Policy: Goodbye Norris, Hello Theresa

To many this is old news, but I thought it was so hysterical I had to post it in case you missed it. Here's the timeline:

1. Susan Wood resigns as director of Office of Women's Health at FDA to protest the FDA repeatedly backing out of approving OTC morning after pill over the recommendations of its own scientists and review boards.

2. FDA names Norris Alderson, a male veterinarian with a background in animal husbandry and no experience with women (sorry Norris), as the new director.

3. Every women's health group is (justifiably) angered seeing that women are very different from farm animals.

4. FDA sends out notice that Theresa A. Toigo would head the Office of Women's Health and denies it ever said anything about Alderson (even though "The seeming mystery thickened when several women's groups said that not only did they receive e-mails announcing Alderson's appointment, but also that he was also listed on a Health and Human Services directory last week as the acting director of the office. In addition, people who have spoken with women's health office staff said that Alderson was introduced to the staff last week as the new acting director, and that he even had some one-on-one discussions with staff members about future plans").

Maybe that Onion article about Bush appointing a first trimester fetus to the Supreme Court wasn't a fake?

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