Monday, December 4, 2006

Blogging: Oh the places you'll go

I've always refrained from demonstrating what search terms direct folks to Sparkgrass, but this collection just cracked me up a little too much.

Num Perc.Search Term
drill down17.69%pm&r sucks
drill down17.69%pro's of emergency contraception
drill down17.69%camden nj looking for sexual partner
drill down17.69%video clips of a prostate massage in inprogress
drill down17.69%nancy pelosi colbert
drill down17.69%lunesta versus zoplicone
drill down17.69%wii nancy pelosi stephen colbert
drill down17.69%volvo breathalyzer seatbelt
drill down17.69%tayshaun prince bi-sexual
drill down17.69%bumbler spaniel
drill down17.69%james dobson christian treatment center for anxiety eating di
drill down17.69%will cymbalta make semen clear
drill down17.69%community health articles people comment

Something tells me I'm doing all the right things.

And I'm fairly sure that cymbalta does not make semen clear. But that's certainly subject to a randomized controlled trial.

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