Saturday, June 24, 2006

Opinion: "Miami Terror Arrests"

Seven homeless guys were arrested in the Liberty City area of Miami. Now, I don't know much about counter-terrorism, but I have played my fair share of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. What I can tell you is that the slums of South Beach are fertile breeding grounds for terrorist cells--especially ones with guys that all look like Bob Marley.

This was a small victory in the war against terror, coinciding with several other recent events (the death of al-Zarcawi and the finding of WMDs in Iraq). But remember this: the enemy could be ANYBODY. You should be real fuckin' scared. I think these arrests just go to show that we need to spy on Americans. Now I know what you're thinking, and it seems reasonable. "We just tried spying on Americans, and it caused quite an uproar." That's true. But I believe that this bust gives us carte blanche in our methods for protecting America.


CNN is now calling this group al-Qaeda 2.0. They weren't an al-Qaeda group, but rather a small pack of pennyless civilians inspired by the work and fundamentalist message of al-Qaeda. Brilliant!

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