Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dern Libruls: Kentucky school board enters the common era, falls back into dark ages

From NPR:

Morning Edition, June 15, 2006 · Kentucky's state school board approved a plan to teach a secular alternative to the calendar abbreviations B.C. and A.D. In April, the board adopted "Before Common Era" as part of the curriculum. Some religious conservatives complained that BCE did not mention Christ. When the board members' terms expired, the governor appointed new members, who have voted unanimously to undo the policy.
Listen to the story (linked on the page) for the full comedic impact.

My Latin teachers in podunk taught BCE and CE, because, well, they were educated outside of podunk. And considering most scholarship points to somewhere between 6 and 4 BC(E) as the likely date of the birth of the Christ, should we all be ashamed how silly those drunken monks were with their sloppy research? Shouldn't we allow those dumbass monks to move out of purgatory through the pearly gates? We could always just sell indulgences to their descendants.

Thanks to Courtney for the incessant NPR listening.

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