Saturday, June 10, 2006

Apocalypse Now: Sparkgrass praising Senator Man-on-Dog for Anti-Coulter remarks

From The Huffington Post:

Rick Santorum actually said something mega-laudable on Michael Smerconish's Philadelphia radio show:

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: With regard to a certain group of 9/11 widows Ann Coulter in her new book says, ‘I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.’ I’m appalled by that. Are you appalled by that?

SEN. SANTORUM: Probably more then you are. I mean this is ridiculous. I mean Ann is what? Ann is someone who is out there trying to sell books and, you know appeal to a certain audience and I guess she’s doing it.

SMERCONISH: But you’re not in that audience to which she’s appealing?

SANTORUM: No, no, I don’t consider myself, I’m not a part of that audience at all that’s really on the edge as far as I’m concerned, maybe over the edge.

SMERCONISH: Yes, over the edge. I applaud you, I applaud you for saying that.

Senator Santorum, we might never say this again, but kudos, sir. Kudos.


Pepper said...

Gotta love an election year when the incumbent trails the challenger badly. It can force even the most man-marrying-a-box-turtle spewing senator to try to appeal to the middle.

J Hearne said...

In the spirit of Ash:

"It's a trick... get an axe."

Something about this makes me slightly nervous.

Josh said...

Eh, "maybe over the edge." I'll hold my applause.

Nice Skeletor avatar.

Garrett said...

denouncing Coulter, even for bastardly political reasons, still suggests that Santorum might have a bit of notocord left from his devolution.