Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blog Crisis: Update

Yesterday morning when only a few certain liberal political blogs seemed to be blocked on Kentucky state computers, we had something to firebomb about. In the interest of some semblance of balance, I'll point you towards our conserva-buddy Bo for his take on the matter. Right now it's the top post, I can't figure out how to link to his individual post.

If the state department wants to block all blogs, personal, political, or what have you, then there's a un-biased consistency that, while annoying, isn't particularly even newsworthy. Commentary worthy, sure, but it'd be nice to minimize the freak-out if there's nothing to really freak out about. Sure, effective blogging is largely liberal, and blocking blogs disproportionately blocks liberal commentary. But that's not the hard and fast reasoning that can go against "you shouldn't be looking at personal sites at work."

Of course, the timing of the blocking, the day after Mark at BGR had a quote in the NYT criticizing the Fletcher administration. If not for that temporal relationship, things wouldn't have looked quite so fishy.

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