Thursday, January 12, 2006

MedPol: Virginia rapist / death penalty victim was in fact guilty

I blogged about this case earlier last week, but Mark Warner did the right thing in ordering retesting of DNA samples from 1990s to confirm the verdict. Death penalty opponents would love to see a DNA-proven case of the death penalty being applied to an innocent person (not because, ya know, we want innocent people murdered--we just want to know about if it's happening, and it probably has).

But alas, Virginia's systematic murder of its worst criminals continues unscathed.


Justin Dale said...

The government really doesn't want it to be tested because if innocent then they will be sued big time, but people should know and they desrve to be taken to the cleaners on it if they kill an innocent man.

Garrett said...

Well, you can't really sue the government per se. But you sure can garner support for a constitutional amendment which defines the murder of criminals as cruel and unusual punishment.