Friday, January 20, 2006

Meat: Those Kooky Animal Rights Activists

So, according to the FBI "ecoterrorism is the most widespread and damaging form of domestic terrorism." This sounds like bull. The majority of animal rights activists are harmless, merely wrapping themselves in meat packaging (as pictured above). And while they do break a lot of stuff (read 45 million in damages), even the FBI section head for counterterrorism admits that they "discourage acts that harm 'any animal, human and nonhuman.' and . . . have generally adhered to this mandate."

While, I eat meat and disagree with their attitudes towards animals for medical testing and "animal rights," they don't really kill anyone (unless you count those people suffocating in the photo). Unlike say, people who kill obstetricians for terminating pregnancies, or white extremist groups who kill people that aren't white extremists or the families of judges who put them in jail for being white supremacist.

So, to summarize:

1. Are Animal Rights Terrorists bad? Yes.

2. Are Animal Rights Terrorists funny? Yes (Checkout their website for a few laughs and learn about how: Violence isn't really violence when it's to fight violence as well as how children are excluded from medical research).

3. Are Animal Rights Terrorist the biggest domestic terrorist threat in the US? Probably not, unless you're looking at human lives as property with each person worth about 50 bucks.

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