Tuesday, November 30, 2004

MedPol: Vatican calls AIDS "pathology of the spirit," a result of "immunodeficiency" of moral values

In other news, the pope just made me vomit.

The Vatican on Tuesday blamed the spread of AIDS on an "immunodeficiency" of moral values among other factors and called for education, abstinence and greater access to drugs to fight the disease.

On the eve of World AIDS Day, the head of the Vatican's pontifical health council quoted Pope John Paul as calling AIDS a "pathology of the spirit" that must be combated with "correct sexual practice" and "education of sacred values".

"I highlight his thoughts regarding the immunodeficiency of moral and spiritual values," Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan added in a speech prepared for World AIDS Day on Wednesday.
I'm not sure I can blog much about this without getting so angry that I break my computer. If the Vatican wants to be irrelevant to reality, that's fine. But malevolence like this makes me want to smoke crack.


Anonymous said...

You know, just when I started going back to Catholic Church because W sent me back there because I have had this hopeless feeling in my gut since November 2nd, the church has to do something else to make me sad to be Catholic. First, taking church dollars to help support Proposal 2 (when the Archdiocese of Detroit is supposedly in so much financial crisis), and now continuing to focus on homosexuality rather than the social justice issues that have made me proud to be Catholic.

I know I'm suppossed to support the Pope on everything, but I just get sick when I hear comments like this.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Steve - the Pope is supposed to be a uniter and one who leads with compassion (as Jesus did). He seems to be coming out time and time again with very non-compassionate statements that aren't grounded in love. It makes me sad to be a Catholic. But I support the notion that the Pope, as a HUMAN BEING, is still fallable at times (I mean, aren't we all?). Without that, I'm not sure I'd be able to continue hanging on.