Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Link Roundup

1) Jay Farrar and Son Volt's new album The Search on All Things Considered.

2) Because of some loophole in a new Medicaid rebate law, pharm companies now have no incentive to offer OCPs cheap to universities. Because pregnant college girls are good health policy. Obviously.

3) But maybe that's okay in Texas. State Rep Dan Patrick (R-ealAsshole) wants to offer pregnant women considering abortion 500 bucks not to get abortions. Hey, Texas girls, have twins, and you might be able to pay for your books next semester!

4) Patients really don't give a flip if you wear scrubs, a white coat, or monkey boxer shorts. They do care if you are a douche nozzle. (For a history of the "douche nozzle," Ctl-F the term here.)

5) Docs around the world are calling for a boycott of Reed Elsevier (they publish the Lancet, among other obscure journals to which your EBM searches inevitably lead you), since apparently they have something to do with arms fairs to showcase cluster bombs, or something sketchy like that.

6) Disaster averted: Emma Watson will play Hermione through Film 7. Reports last week said she wanted to bail.

7) Creepy much?

In what is becoming a trend among conservative Christians in the United States, girls as young as nine are pledging to their fathers to remain virgins until they wed, in elaborate ceremonies dubbed "Purity Balls."
"Since I'm just the return on Daddy's investment into Mommy's sperm bank, he owns my hymen until he tells some boy its okay for him to have it." Eww.


Jon said...

Every once in a while I feel like the only Son Volt fan...Glad to see I'm not :)

Love love the new album.

Kyle said...

A Christian teenager explained to me the other day that since he kissed his g/f too much, he should apologize to her father because she's his property until she marries someone.

JHearne said...

In regards to the whole conservative trend thing:

Yes, it is creepy. Even those of us who suggest abstinence can find that frightening.


Garrett said...

Jon: Just got into Son Volt in the past few months. Courtney falls in the Jay Farrar camp, and I fall more into the Jeff Tweedy camp, but we visit each other fairly consistently. How can a psychiatrist not love the guy that sings about going to a place with No Depression, even if he isn't talking about THAT depression per se?

Kyle: Yeah, if dudes really owned women, then they should be able to trade them on the open market. Seeing as society has enough sense to know that the Women Market would be disgusting, maybe the women-as-property folk should take an econ class.
/Most tongue in cheek response I could think of.

Josh: Abstinence ain't bad, especially in high school. And it's not a bad policy thereafter, although for lots of folks its simply not consistent with reality, so we'd all be silly to pretend that folks don't need to know how to be as healthy as possible, even if their behavior has potentially negative health consequences (and I would consider spiritual consequences as vital to health consequences). As a rational human being, I'd place high bets you agree with that, although you may include a statement about God's plan for the individual, and lack of abstinence interfering with that. I have a gesture-saying. I point to my belly and say, "Hey, we all have vices. You can just see mine from across the room."
/I don't know what my point was either.