Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ted Haggard "completely heterosexual"???

Ted Haggard, the ousted Colorado mega church leader, has returned from 3 weeks (yes, 3 whole weeks) of intensive therapy to declare himself "completely heterosexual." Perhaps the three weeks of therapy involved hypnotism where he forgot about the 3 YEAR long affair he had with a man. Or maybe this is just his way of saving face so he can get back to the lucrative and ego boosting job of leading another mega church. Shame on him for thinking that three weeks of talk therapy can change his identity - but I guess that's just another lie he's telling himself.


Garrett said...

Hell, I probably wouldn't say I was "completely" heterosexual, and I'm married to a chick and have no history of doing dudes. I mean, come on, Jack Bauer is hot.

Geoff said...

Well said!!