Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Counting the homeless

For those of you interested in the homeless or in the difficulty of epidemiology field studies, this NPR report on a bunch of NYU students bouncing around New York until 5 AM every night yields the appropriate amount of non-insight. Winter or summer? Sidewalks, restaurants, and private property?


Kyle said...

I remember an Oxford student doing this and writing about it in a local rag. Another privileged educated white boy (!) who thought it takes a day to see how the other folks live. Best moment: a shopkeeper tells him to get lost and go back to his apartment.

"But I'm homeless!"

"No, you're not. Your dirty jeans are too expensive and your teeth are too clean. Now go away."

Garrett said...

This didn't seem like homeless fakery, but students actually trying to do field work. I don't think they actually tried to appear homeless. They just had to be out when homeless folks might.

classic quote though, still.