Thursday, August 25, 2005

Medicine: "Ouch," says the fetus

Or DOES it? Those crazy baby killers in San Francisco don't think so.

The debate actually seems to rage between whether fetuses feel pain starting around 20-22 weeks or closer to 28 weeks. All in response to Douchebag Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas proposing a law that would require doctors to inform women seeking abortions after the 22nd week of gestation that their fetus feels pain and offer to anesthetize the fetus.

Anesthetize the fetus. What will these asshats think of next? Maybe if someone hadn't anesthetized Kansas' brain cells, we wouldn't get in these messes.

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michael said...

i was watching one case where this woman was unable to yell but fully conscious and able to feel pain. we didn't give her pain control until like 30 minutes into this bedside procedure because we weren't annoyed enough by loud screams of agony. instead we watched her writhe as much as she could in pain and just told her... "ok, i know, just calm down." what do we care; a silent sufferer is a non-sufferer from our perspective.