Friday, August 26, 2005

Medicine: the crazies attack JAMA editor

Since obviously an objective review of the literature will damn Deangelis to hell.

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, editor in chief of The Journal of the American Medical Association, said she had to take a walk around the block after receiving dozens of "horrible, vindictive" messages.

"One woman said she would pray for my soul," DeAngelis said. "I could use all the prayers I can get." DeAngelis said she is a staunch Roman Catholic and strongly opposes abortion, though she also supports women's right to choose.

"Your license should be stripped," DeAngelis said, reading aloud from the 50 or so e-mails that came to her office. "You're hypocrisy," "You should get a real job," "Eternity will definitely bring justice for you," others wrote.
People are also pissed because one of the authors is an OB/GYN that performs abortion. Holy shit, you mean an OB/GYN actually does the surgical procedures he was trained to do, and that means he's biased?

I guess thoracic surgeons shouldn't be able to publish about open heart surgery!

AND people are pissed that the MEDICAL STUDENT, of all people, who is listed as an author (good job, by the way!) used to work for NARAL as a lawyer.

Holy shit! Medical students should never do research on subjects that interest them! And to publish! The NERVE!!!

JAMA, along with NEJM, is medicine. I'm not saying politics don't dictate medicine sometimes but geez.

I'm sorry to all the religious wackos who get upset when reality doesn't match up with the way that they interpret the Bible.

And this isn't even a question of abortion. This is a question of whether a fetus feels pain in a certain 6 weeks of pregnancy, which is of course relevant to the abortion debate, but it certainly doesn't change anything at all with regards to the legality of abortion.

Conservative or liberal, no doctors like when the government tries to stick its nose up the ass of the way we are going to practice.

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Pepper said...

Let's not forget that, at least the last time I checked, the bible never gives a table of CNS development in the fetus by trimester.