Saturday, August 20, 2005

Labor: NWA on strike

Here's my nod of support to the mechanics at NWA exercising their right to organize and bargain collectively.

And a slight bit of disgruntlement to the pilots and flight attendants. Nobody likes a strike, but allowing a company to divide and conquer its employees is not a particularly great show of solidarity.

I'm sure the Right can smile at the failure of organized labor to show a united front and its inevitable implosion onto itself.


J Hearne said...

Yeah. Jessica's Step-Father is a mechanic with NWA at Detroit Metro. I know that your support is appreciated.

Garrett said...

Phew. When I first saw a comment on this post, I figured it was some angry person roaming in from a google search. Glad to see a nice labor friendly post :)

Having survived a few oil refinery strikes, I'm not a fan of them. And I'm especially saddened how ineffective they can be nowadays.