Wednesday, November 2, 2005

LGBT: Only in Kentucky

If you're an aide, sometimes it pays to know the difference between the forward and reply keys if you are trying to advise your state representative about an e-mail from a constituent:

A Crestwood accountant who asked her state representative to support gay and lesbian civil-rights legislation next year received a reply not from the lawmaker but from an aide, who mistakenly sent comments meant for the legislator to the constituent.

This is one of those issues where it's safe to say 'Thanks for writing, I will consider your views' and not go too far about your personal beliefs," wrote Cheryl Long of the Legislative Research Commission and an aide to Rep. David Osborne, R-Prospect. "Seriously, these people really can get out of hand! ... This particular group is much worse than pro-lifers!"

If you reply to Ms. Amanda, make sure you delete my e-mail!" Long said of answering the e-mail from Amanda McWane.

Then Long mistakenly hit "reply" instead of "forward," sending her comments to McWane and not to Osborne as Long intended.


Anonymous said...

There are three types of employees:

1. The Aide: Has NO sense at all of the etiquette of the workplace.

2. The Politician: Is way to involved in "following" procedure, i.e. likes to fire everyone.

3. The less than 10% who are all liberal and intelligent: the rare breed who have a clue what they are doing.


michael said...

to be fair the chick said pro-lifers are annoying too. maybe she just hates everyone. nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

To be double fair: pro-lifers are annoying!