Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fall 2005: One of the Gayest Movie Seasons Ever

This was from an article at AOL. He's not trying to say that the 2005 season will be lame (the 5th-grade homophobic-before-you-really-know-what-homophobic-is definition of gay), but is actually commenting on the large number of films with gay characters or story lines.

What's really big are the "big movies" in EW's fall preview, though -- and the big stars who play gay for pay. Hollywood is taking some risks with gay and lesbian subject matter, and not always in tired, negative or stereotypical ways. Filmmakers and studios are banking on the public's interest in movies like 'Rent,' an adaptation of the award-winning Broadway musical (watch for the lesbian love song 'Take Me or Leave Me'); 'Capote,' with the incredibly talented Philip Seymour Hoffman; and 'TransAmerica,' starring Felicity Huffman ('Desperate Housewives') as a transgendered woman.

The biggest fortune seems to be riding on Ang Lee's 'Brokeback Mountain.' Two of Hollywood's sexiest men are in a true-blue gay love story packed with so much passion that one of the guys was injured during shooting. Jake Gyllenhaal said, "Heath almost broke my nose in (a kissing) scene. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me. And then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him."


Pepper said...

Insert obligatory Cartman reference to independent movies here:

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Who knew that making out with a dude could get so painful?