Friday, July 15, 2005

Med/Econ: Man shoots postman to get jailed

Kind of a crazy system when one man tries to kill another to deal with the burden of paying for healthcare.

William Crutchfield shot 59-year-old postman Earl Lazenby in Snellville, Georgia, two weeks ago. He greeted the postman and collected his letters before lifting his pistol and shooting him seven times. Mr Crutchfield told police that he shot the postman as a way of escaping medical debts of $90,000. He said he feared losing his home and thought that living in prison would be better than surviving on the street.


michael said...

sounds more like a case of crazy earl than crazy system.

Matz said...

The guy is definitely unstable, but I think his motivations are not uncommon. I'm not saying this is a beginning of a rash of shootings, but sometimes it takes crazy actions to get our attention on an otherwise unsensational issue.