Thursday, May 3, 2007

So I finally got around to watching an episode of House

I've always wanted to start at the beginning with the DVDs, as I really hate jumping into a series anywhere other than at the beginning. But my in-laws have been visiting this week, and because of them, I've now seen my first episodes of American Idol (strangely addicting, although I think the methadone is already working) and House.

I had high hopes for House. I remember Chris Scipione (soon to be a surgical intern at UofM) recounting how he was watching an episode with his parents back during M1 or M2 year, and Chris' guess early on that the patient suffered from SSPE turned out correct, and everyone in the room was thoroughly impressed with their genius boy medical student. Skip was like that. If anybody could vouch for House, it would be Skip. If anybody could wind up "bored-certified" in nephrology and infectious disease while developing his own radiographs and performing brain biopsies in his spare time, it'd be Skip.

But my God, I've never watched such a painful show in my life. Hey, this kid has histo, and this kid has leukemia. His balls are swollen, and we won't do an ultrasound of his sack, we'll just suck out his white cells! Woohoo!

I'm not sure if it's any worse than Grey's, which I only watched for a few episodes during my OB rotation so I'd have something to talk about with the residents. If ever there was a case of stereotypes ringing true, it was OB residents and nurses talking about Grey's.

Courtney's in the other room watching something from a season 6 DVD of ER. ER flubs here and there, but at least it smells like real medicine. ER takes itself way too seriously, but it's a television drama. At least they put some drama into it.

Grey's and, now House? WTF is this crap? They're not about medicine. They could be about Martian ferret farming, and use most of the same back stories, and nobody would know the difference.

And sure, you're going to say it's just entertainment. But dude, that's like saying that Jerry Falwell is just a preacher. Or that Nostradamus was just a hot dog vendor. I mean, maybe he sold good hot dogs, but somehow that whole predicting the murder of kings thing sorta went further, right?

Okay, not even I understand what the hell I meant in that previous paragraph. Bed time. House sucks, although I will probably give it another shot when Courtney starts getting the DVDs from Netflix, starting at episode one.

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Michael said...

My fondest memory of watching House was when I correctly diagnosed amyloidosis during the first 10 minutes of the show while my future internist roommate was still adjusting the order of his list of 100+ differential diagnoses.