Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Medicine: Stanford behind again, gets coastal bonus points for banning freebies

I'm not sure why Stanford and UofM seem so intimately linked in so many ways. Both are perennial low top-10s that steeplechase each other based on who can lobby U.S. News the hardest to change the formula to benefit them. Our deans have been seemingly buddy-buddy on a variety of issues. They're both in uber-rich snotty liberal college towns. And now, just now, they both have a ban on freebies from drug companies.

The difference? Stanford's is new. WTF? How does Stanford get a headline for doing something that many other sensical academic medical centers figured out a long time ago? Yale and UPenn are mentioned just over the past few years as well. How about some love for the Marxists in Ann Arbor?!?!


Bo said...

Stanford is not new! The school was founded in 1891.

Garrett said...

The ban is brand new, says the article. I know Stanford isn't new :)