Friday, September 8, 2006

Medicine: do we really need another SSRI for PE?

Johnson and Johnson and Ortho-McNeil think so, and are, of course, wrong money-grubbing ass-tards.

We know SSRIs delay ejaculation (and suppress libido). We know that SSRIs plus Viagra help premature ejaculation. SSRIs aren't amazingly benign drugs to take, but PE isn't necessarily a very benign condition for psychosexual well-being which is probably vastly underestimated in its importance in the mental health of a variety of populations.

Dapoxetine is theoretically short-acting, but its side effect profile doesn't look different from any other SSRI. The shameless dapoxetine business website goes to great lengths to classify PE as a psychological, not an organic, disease, which is pretty dinosaur-ish in many ways. The logical derivation from their own statements is that we should then treat the underlying psychopathology, not band-aid it with some short-acting SSRI not dosed in such a way that it could actually treat depression or other underlying psychiatric comorbidities.

PE is undertreated, and I'm not sad that research is being performed for better therapies, pharmaceutical or otherwise, to address it. But taking a bad solution to market isn't progress, despite what our business colleagues would like us to believe.

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