Friday, July 7, 2006

LGBT: Some reasonable Catholics (and former governors too)

Here is a nice article from the Dunn County paper (somewhere in Wisconsin) about a few former Wisconsin governors (who happen to be Catholic) strongly defending the tradition of amending the constitution only for the purposes of expanding rights, not limiting them. My favorite quote, from former governors Pat Lucey (an 88 year old Catholic): "I just can‚’t believe any rational human being would want to put that kind of thing in the Constitution."

Good for him--I hope his fellow residents listen!


: Joseph j7uy5 said...

I can't verify this myself, but I heard from a fellow physician that he was at a Catholic church service in Ann Arbor, and the priest mentioned that the various dioceses in Michigan had put $500,000 into the campaign to ban gay marriage in Michigan. They did that despite the fact that some parishes are chronically under-funded and in danger of closing.

It made him wonder if he wanted to continue to support the Church.

Geoff said...

I can't verify that specific action, but I do know that the diocese of Lansing (which includes Ann Arbor) did support the constitutional ammendment back in 2004 and funds a gay->straight conversion program while at the same time acknowledging and supporting the LGBTA friendly group at St. Marys Student Parish (which I'm a part of) - kind of an interesting choice, in my opinion. But I agree, it does make you question your financial support.

My personal choice has been to support only my local church which is very LGBT-friendly and not the diocese at large which includes some very homophobic parishes (including St. Thomas here in Ann Arbor).