Thursday, December 15, 2005

Politics: Boston Globe ripping Romney for decision not to seek reelection

Romney's justification, per the AP article announcing the news, is that he has accomplished everything in his almost-three years in office that he set out to do, and he could do no more in a second term.

To which we all scream a resounding BULLSHIT. Oh yes, so what happens in Massachussetts for the next four years isn't important, Mr. Romney? So the fact that decisions will need to be made is irrelevant, because you've left the state is such a ray of sunshine?


And the Globe thinks so too, and calls for the Mitt's resignation:

"By thumbing his nose at Massachusetts after less than three-quarters of one term as its chief executive, Mitt Romney Wednesday surrendered his clout and squandered his legitimacy. If, as it appears, his heart and mind are no longer in Massachusetts, he should resign," the paper writes.

The Globe blasts Romney's record: "Romney's claim Wednesday night that 'I've got the job done I set out to do' is not credible.' He touts his success in closing a large budget deficit without raising taxes. But the facts are that the economic recovery was largely national; that he has forced regressive fees and property taxes to skyrocket; and that many state functions, including higher education, environmental protection, housing, and human services, still operate below 2000 levels.

"Romney has every right to seek the presidency," the Globe says in conclusion. "But if his goal is the Potomac, let him swim in presidential waters if he can, and not linger on the Massachusetts stepping stone."

Strategically, Romney doesn't have to worry about losing his second term, or trying to be a governor with his attention divided as he runs in 2008, fueling criticism during a presidential run.

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