Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Who the **** is Harriet Miers? Possibly the next Supreme Court Justice.

Bush recently nominated Miers for the current opening on the Supreme Court, prompting most people to reply "Who?". She has never served as a judge at any level and has never argued a case before the Supreme Court, but she's worked with Bush for years as his personal lawyer and then as White House counsel. So you won't be able to read any court opinions of hers (since she hasn't written any) and any legal documents she's written will be protected by both attorney-client privelege and executive privelege. I guess your best bet to find out about this newly fascinating person is Wikipedia. Maybe if she falls through Bush will nominate his high school debate coach.


Kyle said...

Why? Even Bush would have to realize that his high school debate coach must not have done him any favors.

J Hearne said...

I award 5 points to Kyle for this commentary. Well done, Mr. Potter... even from across the ocean, it works.

Pepper said...

Actually Bush never did debate. He was, however, a male cheerleader. On the other hand, I guess there's no real place for his cheerleading coach as Rumsfeld already has the job of shouting "Hurray!" as we lose.