Monday, October 31, 2005

Obvious: Kentucky's #1 cash crop

One official says there's so much pot grown in Kentucky that if every Kentuckian were to smoke a joint an hour, they couldn't use it all.
I've always said Kentucky was the only place on Earth where the BMWs are lined up in front of the double-wide trailers.



It's only inevitable!

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kevin swikert said...

eh, that is kentucky's largest cash crops because what is there to compete against it? Tobacco? the price of Tobacco is down and the arably land used in Kentucky for Tobacco (and you need good arable land for that crop) is being used for Kentucky's largest business, Horses, and all things to do with horses, did I mention those cavalry drums? when do I get my cookie?

Saying that POT is the largest building on largest cash crop in Kentucky is like saying that Canada dominates the world nickel production, of course it does, most of the worlds nickel is concentrated in Canadian territory, or that US women's I mean soccer is the most dominate national women's soccer around (aside from maby zee Germans, but they all played and honed their skills in the US), where else is women's soccer popular or a 'big sport'. The quality of the rest of the competition was rather thin for a while, and there still aren't more than a bakers doezen of places in the world were women's sports can exist.