Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Sports: rape charges against Kobe dropped

I'm pretty glad about this. Not because I know ANYTHING about what happened in that hotel room, but because this trial could have been very damaging to women's rights in rape situations. Every ESPN fan who follows this thing could come away with some sort of sick validation that women aren't really raped, that women aren't victims of violence, that women are simply manipulative bitches who hate men and try to trap them.

And this is totally wrong. I have no idea whether Kobe raped this woman, or if she was in it for the ride. Zero opinion. But I'm glad we don't have a celebrity rape trial where a popular celebrity with an insane defense team is up against a women of questionable history with inept prosecution. Kobe would have walked, this woman's character (and the character of all women) would be dragged through the mud, and women's rights would have yet another setback.

Update: Sorry, Mikey. The Lakers still look like a 6-8 seed in the West.

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